Superhero Costumes

Are you looking for high quality Superhero fancy dress costume outfits to hire from a shop in the Southampton Hampshire area? There are an abundance of choices for you to chose from at Express Yourself Costume Hire. There are prestige super quality licensed superheroes from all the Hollywood blockbuster studios and really nice Superhero fancy dress outfits to buy too. 
Here are just a few of those epic film costumes stocked in our warren of themed departments: 

  •  Woody from Toy Story Costume 
  •  Buzz Lightyear Costume 
  •  Batman and Robin Costumes 
  •  Bat Girl 
  •  Black Knight Batman 
  •  Mr and Mrs Incredible Outfits 
  •  Captain America 
  •  Supergirl 
  •  Dangermouse Costumes 
  •  Superman Costumes 
  •  Spiderman Fancy Dress 
  •  Wonderwoman 
  •  He-Man 
  •  Iron Man 
  •  Skeletor 

To compliment this extensive range there are accessories too including hats, masks, make up, weapons and shields too! Express Yourself Costumes are always updating to the latest film fancy dress superhero get ups…. 
There are far too many costumes and accessories to display on this website. Express Yourself have one of the largest costume hire ranges outside of London. There are great departments of themed outfits and our ‘Prestige superhero range of costume range is renowned. 
Come and discover all our themed departments. Do you have a question you would like to ask? Our expert costume team are always delighted to answer your questions. Here are all our contact details. 
Costume prices start at only around £28.00 for adults or about £8.00 for children. 
We look forward to welcoming you to Express Yourself fancy dress costumes near Southampton, Hampshire where we specialise in fantastic Superhero Fancy Dress Costumes. 
There is free parking right outside the door and great knowledgable staff are here waiting to help you 

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Dark Knight Batman


Batman Costume


Paw Patrol


Captain America


Batman and Robin


Iron Man Costume


He-Man Costume


Deadshot Costume


Wonder Woman


Sexy Robin Costume


Kids Spiderman


Mr Incredible


Mrs Incredible


Joker Costume


Riddler Costume


Harley Quinn


The Mask


Catwoman Costume


American Dream


Spider Girl


Poison Ivy


The Flash Costume


Batman Oppo Suit


Superman Oppo Suit




Batgirl Costume


Superman Costume


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