Team up and look fabulous! 

Many couples like to go to parties as a matching pair. At Express Yourself there are many ways you can team up as a couple and look fabulous at a party, event or festival. On this page you will see several examples of costume pairings. 


A huge range to choose from 

Express Yourself Costumes of Southampton have many paired outfits some of which are featured here. We have lots more to choose from in store. 

We invite you to visit this amazing shop to choose costumes to suit you and your partner. 


Drop by or take advantage of our postal hire service 

Our expert costume team are eager to help you with your specific requirements. If you live too far from Express Yourself near Southampton, please take advantage of our efficient postal hire service. Here are our location, opening hours and contact details. 

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Pantomime Cow

Pantomime Horse

Mario and Luigi

Toy Story Set

Wild West Costumes

Gangster & Moll

Top Gun Costumes

Batman & Batgirl

Superman & Supergirl

Mickey & Minnie

He-Man and Skeletor

Santa & Santa Girls

Bert & Mary Poppins

Robin Hood & Marion

Sassy Pirates

Anne & Henry VIII

Male & Female Suits

Day Of Dead Costumes

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