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Express Yourself Costume Hire near Southampton, have an extensive and enviable range of retro and vintage fancy dress and authentic pieces for hire. These include 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s styles as worn by famous icons and pop stars such as Abba, Slade, Bay City Rollers, Elvis, Adam Ant, Pink Ladies, Freddie Mercury, New Romantics, Spandau Ballet, Madonna, Spice Girls and Cheryl Cole to name but a few. 
There are circle skirts and teddy boy jackets, crepe shoes and quiffs, flower power and mods and rockers, flares, platforms and cat-suits, Glam Rock gear, shoulder pads and ra-ra skirts, shell-suits and every accessory you will ever need. 
Many items here are the genuine article and are ideal attire for festivals, vintage events, vintage car rallies, regattas, weddings, film companies etc. There are lots of casual style vintage jackets country cords, plus fours, waistcoats, and also all the usual accessories you would expect to wear with such older fashions. 
As we move into the 60s and 70s the clothes become much more Kings Road high fashion with Mary Quant and Glam Rock disco styles with platform boots and shoes massive collars and big hair. Accessories for these eras are essential and Express Yourself have a large selection of wigs to choose from too as well as fancy dress costumes to buy. 
Do not forget our excellent Postal Hire service if you happen to live too far away to travel to one of the largest costume shop’s in the south at Southampton Hampshire. Our Retro and Vintage outfits are regularly hired out by post and sent all over the country. 
Every hire costume is cleaned and laundered every single time. 
Express Yourself Costumes offer high quality hire costumes but also budget packet costumes to buy at the shop too. 
Our experienced staff are friendly and cheerful, What’s not to like! 
We are close to the M27 near Southampton with free parking right outside the shop. Prices start from around £25.00 

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Elvis Costume


Abba Costume


50s Teddy Boys


Geri Haliwell


40s Polka Dot Dress


1940s Ladieswear


Mary Quant Costume


1940s Lady Costume


1940s Evening Dress


40s Tea Dress


Mary Quant Costumes


1920s Ladies Costume


Flapper Costumes


1920s Evening Dress


1970s Lady Costume


1960s Hippy Chick


50s Rock n Roll


60s Hippy Girl


Hippy Girl Costume


70s Bright Costume


70s Disco Diva


60s Evening Dress


70s Evening Dress


60s Girl Costume


Glamorous Eve Dress


Hippy Girls Costumes


70s Gown Costume


Kids Hippy Costume


Evacuee Costumes


Pimp & Diva


70s Man Costume


Rock n Roll Couple


Rockability Costume


US Airman


70s Pimp


Disco Diva


Teddy Boy Costume


Purple Flapper


Thriller Costume


70s Chick


70s Couple


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